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Ciarnat ciarnat at nww.net
Sat May 15 12:01:33 PDT 2004

Greetings Cousins,
     A few troops of Girl Scouts (Homeschooled), will be attending a Day Camp for the following dates:  6/21/04 to 6/24/04.  The location is Tom Bass Park, near Hwy 288 and S. Beltway.
     The organizer, Shannon has told me that they have received an educational set of materials for the children to learn about the Middle Ages/Renaissance.  She is asking for all interested gentles to come forth and make the time period "real" to the children.  Persons willing to become guest speakers (bring lots of exhibit materials and objects) or willing to do some sort of demo in their chosen field, are most welcome.  
     I just helped out at the recent Girl Scout day camp in Katy.  I met lots of well mannered children and talented parents.  Encountered some moms that were teaching their children the following:  Greek dancing, rapier fighting and bag piping.  Many moms seemed genuinely interested in knowing more about SCA and coming out to a fighter practice or meeting.  I took along a Black Star for interested persons to write down contact information on the branch closest to where they live.  
     I gave a talk on the things archaic children did when not helping with work:  playing games like Nine Men's Morris, playing music.  (Brought along examples of many items, kids like visual aids).   I taught them to play Bocce, they became hooked!   Later, gave a talk on Heraldry (displayed banners and other insignia).  They listened with rapt attention.  To see the look of understanding in the children's eyes, was most rewarding!
     Please look on your calendars and see if you can make time to help the mundane world, see the world through "SCA eyes" and maybe inspire someone to become all they can be, in the world we know as SCA!  Please contact me at ciarnat at nww.net for the camp co-ordinator's number.
      Always in Service to the Dream,  Ciarnat

P.S.  This is only my second posting to the list, forgive any discrepancies in transmission practices :)
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