[Gatesedge] scribes guild tonight??

Michael Tucker mtucker at airmail.net
Tue May 11 21:43:35 PDT 2004

On Tuesday, May 11, 2004, at 04:17  PM, Natasha Storfer wrote:

> I sent out something to Hou-announce, but I don't
> think it will post in time.  There is a meeting
> tonight, but it's a bit different from normal.  There
> is a charter painting 101 class to be taught by yours
> truley.  However, we do have some new scrolls in, so
> if Sabine has promised you scrolls, feel free to come
> pick those up.
> Thank you!
> Natalia

Hi, Natalia:

I regret that in my present job I typically can't attend to moderator 
duties until the evening. And some evenings, like tonight, I'm just now 
getting home to check my email at almost midnight. So, if you want 
something to go out in a hurry you're better off emailing it to the 
lists "manually". Hou-announce is still a great convenience, but not if 
you need something posted immediately.

I hope this didn't cause you too much of an inconvenience this time.

Michael Silverhands
(moderator for the Hou-announce and Stargate lists)

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