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Once we have more info about Kinsman and their new building, Red Tape might
just be a possibility.


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Hey ya'll.  Anyone interested in doing a Kingdom-level Event?

Modius wrote:

"Ansteorra needs your help.   We need event bids for the events below.


June 05 King's College, Bids Due March 1, 2005 


July 05 Queen's Champion, Bids Due April 1, 2005 

July 05 Red Tape Bids, Due April 1, 2005 

September 05 Fall Arts Symposium, Bids Due April 1, 2005 
Please send bids to me, the Crown, and the Calendar Deputy, AND to Minister
of A&S if one of the A&S Events."

I would like to put in a Queen's bid.  Anyone else?


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