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I'm kind of partial to Queens (probably cause I got my AOA at a Queen's
Champion event).  But I also think that it's the best time of year for us to
try to have a Kingdon Level event.  Fall Art's symposium is a little too
close to our Fall Event.

As for getting Kinsman for the Red Tape event ... I'm not sure about that.
I can call the woman at the church to ask.  That would be the only kind of
event we could have at the church though, cause there's no site fee.  They
won't let us charge anything when we're using their rooms.

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> Just for FYI, Mooneshadowe is discussing King's College hot and heavy on
> their list. Oxlade is interested in putting in a bid and the populace says
> they are behind him.
> There is, of course, nothing wrong about a competing bid but thought I'd
> just mention it.
> I'd like to see the Shire do a Kingdom level event. For a group that
> more paid members than some Barony's, we have been keeping a pretty low
> profile about hosting events. We've been talking about wanting to do some
> Kingdom events, this looks like our chance.
> Here's my thoughts.
> King's college-bid due by March 1st. Not impossible but a tight squeek to
> with this being the 4th of Feb already. event is on the calendar for June
> 10-12.  The big thing is *where*? Could we use Tomball college?
> Red tape-Bids due April 1st. On the calendar for July 15-17. Unless we
> to lose some of our cash and take the hit, we need a free site for this.
> Kinsman Luthern would be possible *if* we could secure most of the
> area for our exclusive use....and they might want a rental for that. But
> certainly worth looking into. However, they might want to see this closer
> the the center of the kingdom. It was held down here this last time.
> it is worth a shot. Any suggestions as to where? I've looked into my
> and the high school is cost prohibative but elementary schools are more
> reasonable. Again, how about Tomball College? Who would we need to call or
> talk to out there?
> Queen's- Bids due April 1st. On the calendar for July 29-31. We might be
> able to hold this out at Camwood if it were available but April 1st is
> than 90 days out from the end of July and we couldn't guarantee it in a
> Of course we could have back up sites. I think this would be fun, esp.
> our own Don in our midst to help guide us in the niceties of this event.
> about out at Livingston Trade days? That is a pretty good site. On a
> different note, I thought that they try to hold this pretty close to where
> the new Queen lives....or is that not a consideration because we have no
> idea where or who she is at this point?
> Fall Arts Symposium-bids due April 1st. On the calendar for September
> I know nothing about this event. It sounds (just guessing) like an indoor
> thing sort of like King's college only with an Arts emphasis. Anybody know
> anything about how this event normally runs?
> My big problem is finding a site...I can organize just about anything
> If someone wanted to be the site finder, I'd be willing to help organize
> up and to work on it....maybe even autocrat it (damn that was my outloud
> voice wasn't it?)
> Annes
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> lost. You are a historian who is preserving what is now for the future to
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> our heirs if we, as historians today, fail to do our jobs properly.
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