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That is precisely why I suggested Red Tape and the church.

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> I'm kind of partial to Queens (probably cause I got my AOA at a Queen's
> Champion event).  But I also think that it's the best time of year for us
> try to have a Kingdon Level event.  Fall Art's symposium is a little too
> close to our Fall Event.
> As for getting Kinsman for the Red Tape event ... I'm not sure about that.
> I can call the woman at the church to ask.  That would be the only kind of
> event we could have at the church though, cause there's no site fee.  They
> won't let us charge anything when we're using their rooms.
> Maria
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> > Just for FYI, Mooneshadowe is discussing King's College hot and heavy on
> > their list. Oxlade is interested in putting in a bid and the populace
> > they are behind him.
> >
> > There is, of course, nothing wrong about a competing bid but thought I'd
> > just mention it.
> >
> > I'd like to see the Shire do a Kingdom level event. For a group that
> boasts
> > more paid members than some Barony's, we have been keeping a pretty low
> > profile about hosting events. We've been talking about wanting to do
> > Kingdom events, this looks like our chance.
> >
> > Here's my thoughts.
> >
> > King's college-bid due by March 1st. Not impossible but a tight squeek
> do
> > with this being the 4th of Feb already. event is on the calendar for
> > 10-12.  The big thing is *where*? Could we use Tomball college?
> >
> > Red tape-Bids due April 1st. On the calendar for July 15-17. Unless we
> want
> > to lose some of our cash and take the hit, we need a free site for this.
> > Kinsman Luthern would be possible *if* we could secure most of the
> classroom
> > area for our exclusive use....and they might want a rental for that. But
> > certainly worth looking into. However, they might want to see this
> to
> > the the center of the kingdom. It was held down here this last time.
> Again,
> > it is worth a shot. Any suggestions as to where? I've looked into my
> school
> > and the high school is cost prohibative but elementary schools are more
> > reasonable. Again, how about Tomball College? Who would we need to call
> > talk to out there?
> >
> > Queen's- Bids due April 1st. On the calendar for July 29-31. We might be
> > able to hold this out at Camwood if it were available but April 1st is
> more
> > than 90 days out from the end of July and we couldn't guarantee it in a
> bid.
> > Of course we could have back up sites. I think this would be fun, esp.
> with
> > our own Don in our midst to help guide us in the niceties of this event.
> How
> > about out at Livingston Trade days? That is a pretty good site. On a
> > different note, I thought that they try to hold this pretty close to
> > the new Queen lives....or is that not a consideration because we have no
> > idea where or who she is at this point?
> >
> > Fall Arts Symposium-bids due April 1st. On the calendar for September
> 9-11.
> > I know nothing about this event. It sounds (just guessing) like an
> > thing sort of like King's college only with an Arts emphasis. Anybody
> > anything about how this event normally runs?
> >
> > My big problem is finding a site...I can organize just about anything
> else.
> > If someone wanted to be the site finder, I'd be willing to help organize
> it
> > up and to work on it....maybe even autocrat it (damn that was my outloud
> > voice wasn't it?)
> >
> > Annes
> > You are not an archeologist trying to construct a society that has been
> > lost. You are a historian who is preserving what is now for the future
> > learn about us.The only SCA historians who will be SCA archeologists
> be
> > our heirs if we, as historians today, fail to do our jobs properly.
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