[Gatesedge] A small favor...

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The on-line version please.
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The paper one or the one on line? The on-line one isn't as complete as
the paper one, I don't think.
You are not an archeologist trying to construct a society that has been
lost. You are a historian who is preserving what is now for the future
to learn about us.The only SCA historians who will be SCA archeologists
will be our heirs if we, as historians today, fail to do our jobs
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Subject: [Gatesedge] A small favor...
Friends - 
I have a small favor to ask...
I have been going through the Domesday and would greatly appreciate it
if you all would add/ update your entries. I've been brainstorming a
little (its only enough to get a tumbleweed... but its growing) and the
updated information would help me a great deal.
Many thanks.
Jennifer M. Forsyth
En-Touch Systems - Customer Service
281-225-1000 ext. 5525
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