[Gatesedge] Shire Camping at Ravensmarch

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  CRUD!! I hit the send before I noticed that I had only answered Eric. Here's what I wrote about his post.

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    Eric wrote:

    I try to camp in the same place each time so people will know were I am at.  Just after the first set of bathrooms near the broken table and between two close trees.  It seems to be one of the best places and is sheltered from the wind when the do occasionally gust.  I was one of the last tents to collapse when we had everyone stuff fall over one year.

    Annes writes: 
    Well Maria? Does this sound like where you were describing? Shall we attempt to hook up? I'm going to be there sometime before dark on Friday. I'm taking the day off and traveling over in the early afternoon. I'd have to have a clear idea of where others are thinking about because I will probably get there before the rest of you do. Please write back ASAP.

    Anybody else camping at RM? Shall we form a shire camp?
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