[Gatesedge] Royal Huntsman - Local Boys done good

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Maybe we need to get Godwin's ok to switch our zip code to there....
Christoforo and I both happily claim GatesEdge as home... and I have to tell
you... Now he wants to win Queens....
(I have some Aspirin around here somewhere...)

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  Greetings Gates Edge,

  If you missed the Royal Huntsman Tournament this past weekend you missed
seeing the folks  from Gates Edge showing the kingdom what our archers are
made of.

  Sir Karl de Gangr showed everyone that he can still be counted on in
deference of our realm.

  Lord Alden was shooting very well and impressed everyone with his skill
and he just seemed to get better as the day went on.

  When Leofwine of Sumersaeton showed up everyone knew that he was a
contender.  He was also having a spectacular day and impressed everyone with
his skills.

  Everyone also knew Lord Carluccio was a contender and nobody wanted to
face him in the tournament.  Their Majesties were so impressed with his
skills that they awarded Carluccio the Award of the Kings Archer of

  However, at the end of the day there can only be one archer declared as
Royal Huntsman and on this day the man left standing and winning the
tournament was our own Don Christofaro Antonio Passavanti.  Don Christofaro
impressed everyone with his skills and as the tournament got tough he
remained focused and took home the title of Royal Huntsman.  Please
congratulate Don Christofaro on a great win and for being the first Royal
Huntsman from Gates Edge (there will be more).


  HL Eadric Anstapa
  eadric at scabrewer.com
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