[Gatesedge] Royal Huntsman - Local Boys done good

Eadric Anstapa eadric at scabrewer.com
Mon Feb 28 08:30:15 PST 2005

I dont care what zip you live in.  You come to our meetings, you serve 
as a deputy seneschal; for GE,  we claim you both.


Jennifer Forsyth wrote:

> hummmm...
> Maybe we need to get Godwin's ok to switch our zip code to there....
> Christoforo and I both happily claim GatesEdge as home... and I have 
> to tell you... Now he wants to win Queens....
> (I have some Aspirin around here somewhere...)
> ~Mea
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>     Greetings Gates Edge,
>     If you missed the Royal Huntsman Tournament this past weekend you
>     missed seeing the folks  from Gates Edge showing the kingdom what
>     our archers are made of.
>     Sir Karl de Gangr showed everyone that he can still be counted on
>     in deference of our realm.
>     Lord Alden was shooting very well and impressed everyone with his
>     skill and he just seemed to get better as the day went on.
>     When Leofwine of Sumersaeton showed up everyone knew that he was a
>     contender.  He was also having a spectacular day and impressed
>     everyone with his skills.
>     Everyone also knew Lord Carluccio was a contender and nobody
>     wanted to face him in the tournament.  Their Majesties were so
>     impressed with his skills that they awarded Carluccio the Award of
>     the Kings Archer of Ansteorra.
>     However, at the end of the day there can only be one archer
>     declared as Royal Huntsman and on this day the man left standing
>     and winning the tournament was our own Don Christofaro Antonio
>     Passavanti.  Don Christofaro impressed everyone with his skills
>     and as the tournament got tough he remained focused and took home
>     the title of Royal Huntsman.  Please congratulate Don Christofaro
>     on a great win and for being the first Royal Huntsman from Gates
>     Edge (there will be more).
>     Regards,
>     -- 
>     HL Eadric Anstapa
>     DSEM CA
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