[Gatesedge] My personnel Thanks

John Moore iaenmor at swbell.net
Sun Oct 9 18:52:17 PDT 2005

Just a few words to all.  Well maybe not so few.  Oh boy, were to start I
guess the first thanks go to Eadric.  In case those of you who did not no I
almost missed the event do to work.  He still managed to get things started
and mostly finished by the time I started up.  Wulfen, dude you rock for
coming to pinch hit for me when needed.  I owe you big time.  Carluccio,
Mea, Brenna, Margarite (I know I missed spelled this), Patrick and god knows
who else spent time in the kitchen chopping, slicing, dicing and who knows
what else.  If anyone went away hungry and dissatisfied with the feast I
honestly don't know about it.  Leofwine and Jean-Paul for coming out and
helping set up the archery range and running it.  Don Brian and Toro for
running the list, the quantity was not there but the quality was not lacking
one bit.  Mistress Nessa and Cherish for taking care of and making sure the
list went smoothly.  Brian, I heard more of the bardic than I had thought
possible and it sounded great.  Great choices for judges on that one.
Alden, Ironwyrm and Alvin for running the Thrown weapons and making sure
they were open all day so all could participate.  Catilyn was once again
took care of the nobles both at lunch and during evening feast and damm does
she have this down pat.  Chari got in the game a little late through no
fault of hers and worked a late work shift but still showed and made the
Arts and Sciences run as smooth as can be.  Pix, first time as our Shire
herald, one of few times I can say I stood in the back and heard exactly
what was going on.  Great job only a while and you get to hand it off to
others.  Cynthia and Leofwines wife, one of these days I really will
remember her name, took care of Waterbearing and the Boo-Boo corps.  If you
didn't get something to drink or some munchies during the day it was your
own fault.  Annes the goddess of Troll, what can one say about a perfect
job.  Baroness Narkissa for the help out there when Annes needed a well
deserved break.  Maria and whoever else the site tokens were simple but
elegant thank you.  Eric and the rest of scribal guild made a mess of
original scrolls for all the champions which were well received.  Believe
what Eadric and I wanted was not easy but they got them done. Graci.
Natalia, if you hadn't figured out that Eadric and I could be a pain before,
I am sure that you now know it.  Most of the questions she asked before the
event were answered with don't worry we got it handled.  She put up with it
well.  Also the invitations and the Bella Luce scroll were beautiful.  To
their Excellencies Stargate, thank for coming out and helping with our
little event.  No matter how much we like to think otherwise, we still are a
child of your Barony.  Maybe all grown up but we still remember our roots.
To all those who helped out and I can guarantee that I missed a bunch from
the bottom of my heart I thank you.

Iaen Mor
John Moore

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