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My dear Iaen,

Thank you for your kind words of praise, but it was Lady Cynthia, Racheal
and perhaps a few others who provided lunch for the nobles in attendance.  I
only wrangled the servers for the head table.

Caitlin, Carolyn, Lyn, Mom
When you swim in the sea
And an eel bites your knee.... that's a moray.
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> Just a few words to all.  Well maybe not so few.  Oh boy, were to start I
> guess the first thanks go to Eadric.  In case those of you who did not no
> almost missed the event do to work.  He still managed to get things
> and mostly finished by the time I started up.  Wulfen, dude you rock for
> coming to pinch hit for me when needed.  I owe you big time.  Carluccio,
> Mea, Brenna, Margarite (I know I missed spelled this), Patrick and god
> who else spent time in the kitchen chopping, slicing, dicing and who knows
> what else.  If anyone went away hungry and dissatisfied with the feast I
> honestly don't know about it.  Leofwine and Jean-Paul for coming out and
> helping set up the archery range and running it.  Don Brian and Toro for
> running the list, the quantity was not there but the quality was not
> one bit.  Mistress Nessa and Cherish for taking care of and making sure
> list went smoothly.  Brian, I heard more of the bardic than I had thought
> possible and it sounded great.  Great choices for judges on that one.
> Alden, Ironwyrm and Alvin for running the Thrown weapons and making sure
> they were open all day so all could participate.  Catilyn was once again
> took care of the nobles both at lunch and during evening feast and damm
> she have this down pat.  Chari got in the game a little late through no
> fault of hers and worked a late work shift but still showed and made the
> Arts and Sciences run as smooth as can be.  Pix, first time as our Shire
> herald, one of few times I can say I stood in the back and heard exactly
> what was going on.  Great job only a while and you get to hand it off to
> others.  Cynthia and Leofwines wife, one of these days I really will
> remember her name, took care of Waterbearing and the Boo-Boo corps.  If
> didn't get something to drink or some munchies during the day it was your
> own fault.  Annes the goddess of Troll, what can one say about a perfect
> job.  Baroness Narkissa for the help out there when Annes needed a well
> deserved break.  Maria and whoever else the site tokens were simple but
> elegant thank you.  Eric and the rest of scribal guild made a mess of
> original scrolls for all the champions which were well received.  Believe
> what Eadric and I wanted was not easy but they got them done. Graci.
> Natalia, if you hadn't figured out that Eadric and I could be a pain
> I am sure that you now know it.  Most of the questions she asked before
> event were answered with don't worry we got it handled.  She put up with
> well.  Also the invitations and the Bella Luce scroll were beautiful.  To
> their Excellencies Stargate, thank for coming out and helping with our
> little event.  No matter how much we like to think otherwise, we still are
> child of your Barony.  Maybe all grown up but we still remember our roots.
> To all those who helped out and I can guarantee that I missed a bunch from
> the bottom of my heart I thank you.
> Iaen Mor
> John Moore
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