[Gatesedge] Bring Out Your Dead! 2.0 Plague Rats Revenge

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Regarding the 2013 event who has the scrolls that have been painted?  Can you take some low res pictures and email them to me so I can update the portion of the website with the pictures of the scrolls.
Also if you have prizes for competitions can you take a picture of them in low rez and emial them to me.
egrayfox2030 at yahoo.com

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It is official. We are on the calendar. Bring out Your Dead 2.0 (Plague Rats Revenge) will be Nov 8-10 2013. I am autocrating this one and encourage the whole Shire to get in on the planning. I need a good site and pile on all your ideas no matter how crazy. We have a year and half to knock this one out of the park. I want it all. I want brewing, A&S, archery, chivalric, dance, bardic... I even want lawn bowling. If we get a site that will allow it I want events running into the night and court is the next morning. We can have a rare occurrence; a feast the night before and a morning court with a Royal breakfast. I will even would even say that if you buy at least two feast ya get breakfast free. Let's think outside of the box and let's get medieval. 

For the Shire!
Robert of Colesford
Herald, Shire of Gate's Edge

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