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Elfsea also did this a couple years ago at a spring faire. When they "burned
down Constinopole<sp?>".  I"m not a rapier fighter so, I can't speak for
thier tournament but in the heavy weapons tournament it was a blast.
Certainly added a whole 'nother degree of difficulty to it. Using that idea,
.There could be a ship scenario too. Where the two ships got side by side
and one is burning.  The fighters on the burning ship are trying to get on
the other ship and take it over. Naturally, the fighters on the non-burning
ship are protecting themselves and trying to keep from being taken over.
Also, the second ship could catch fire after a bit from being too close to
the burning one. Anyway it is done, it's a fun idea. :)

-Conor/ Bear

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> Hi Everyone.  I have a thought before I forget about it.  How about at our
next mini-fighting thing, for the rapier tournament (providing there are
some rapier fighters that show up) having the "burning roof
touranment/round" (or whatever it is called in rapier.  You know I'm not a
fighter...).  I saw that once at Fools Court several years ago.  It looked
pretty neat.
> If this, or whatever rapier and, of course, heavy weapons tournament, is
agreed upon, how about advertising such, that way maybe we would actually
get some rapier fighters to show up.
> Just a thought.
> Lavina
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