GL - Next fighting mini-tournament

Damon Huse alric at
Fri Feb 11 16:42:53 PST 2000

Well you have 1 rapier fighter willing to make the trip up there.  Any
more to join me?


ladylavina wrote:
> Hi Everyone.  I have a thought before I forget about it.  How about at our next mini-fighting thing, for the rapier tournament (providing there are some rapier fighters that show up) having the "burning roof touranment/round" (or whatever it is called in rapier.  You know I'm not a fighter...).  I saw that once at Fools Court several years ago.  It looked pretty neat.
> If this, or whatever rapier and, of course, heavy weapons tournament, is agreed upon, how about advertising such, that way maybe we would actually get some rapier fighters to show up.
> Just a thought.
> Lavina
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