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ladylavina ladylavina at
Thu Feb 17 08:17:28 PST 2000

Greetings everyone.

As requested at last night's populace meeting, I have called the church and now have answers to the following questions:

1)  Candles - yes we can have candles as long as all of the wax is cleaned up; and we cannot use their candles.

2) No we don't need to bring toilet paper and paper towels.

3)  The site can be wet (mead and wine) PROVIDED the following conditions are met:
     1. There must be an equal amount of non-alcoholic beverages available and prominently displayed.
     2. People must regulate their alcohol intake (i.e. "friends don't let friends drive drunk" kind of moto)
     3. If something happens to someone (which we hope doesn't) after leaving the site, there must be an understanding that the church is NOT liable - after all, this is our event, not theirs.

4) We CAN meet Monday night at to see the church.  I will pick up a key on my lunch hour Monday and return it on my lunch hour Tuesday.

So, having said all of that - if you want to go Monday night and talk about "arrangement" issues, please meet at HL Airaklee's at 7:30.  We will go to the church from there.

I hope this was all of the questions.  If anyone has anymore questions about the site, please let me know and I'll give the church a call.

In service to this dream we live,
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