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Magdalena magdlena at
Wed Feb 23 09:54:01 PST 2000

ladylavina wrote:

> 2)  The church - yes there is an oven.  However, I would suggest having the things cooked before we get there.  I don't know how to work that oven and it's OLD!  We can use it though.  There is a microwave there.  As far as knives - yes.  Cutting board?  I have no clue.  Might want to bring one of those.

I know how to work it, but I wouldn't count on reliability.  Does anyone have a big cutting board?  Llew, will you be cutting up the turkey beforehand?

> 4)   If you don't have the pass, you get a ticket.

That's what I thought too.

> 5) For those of you not dancing or busy doing other things tonight, there are still 4 dozen cookies that need stars put on them.  If they don't get done tonight, we still have until Friday.  I won't be dancing.

I'd _rather_ dance, but I think that we had better plan to start after the A&S thing.  Dancing won't be as much fun if Rae, Capricia, Sebastion, and I are the only ones there.  (and I'll feel guilty thinking about those cookies...  ;>)


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