GL - Organizing Potluck

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You can drop them off at my house - 2002 Westwood.  Directions to follow:

Take I-35E North to McCormick Street
Take the McCormick Street exit.  Go back under the highway (that's South) to Willowwood
Turn left on Willowwood (at the 4 way stop)
Take your first right on Westwood
We are the 4th house on the right

Stop by anytime after 5:15

Thanks for the stuff.  I don't think we need gallons of water.  There are 2 big sinks in the kitchen.

Sorry you will miss the event.  See you tonight.


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I would like to help with the potluck.  I will not be able to attend the  event on Saturday.  I can bring water and Cheese.  I will be in Denton tonight and just need to know where to drop off these items.  Also, should I get the gallon jugs of water or individual bottles of water?  What flavor of cheese should I bring? How about some crackers to go with the cheese?


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>     Time to organize who is planning to bring what for the
>potluck.  Llew is bringing the turkeys.  Lavina, David,
>Capricia, & I (mostly Lavina!) have baked bread.  I'm
>planning to bring 5 gallons of lemonade.  Wolf mentioned a
>tray of fresh vegetables.  Does anyone else already have
>plans to bring something specific?
>If you need ideas, we could use:
>water, tea
>spreads for bread
>PS: Does anyone else have a drink cooler they are willing to
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