GL - Okay - let's just hold off on dance then.

Scot and Michelle Henry henrycs at
Wed Feb 23 16:21:12 PST 2000

>From the sounds of it, there are only 5 people following the dance
discussion, 1 can't be there and it seems two others are okay not doing it.
So, let's just start later.  I have a ton of school work to do anyway and
some painting to do.  I'd love to help do cookies Thurs. or Fri. if I get
caught up tonight.  Just let me know.

If anyone truly had their heart set on dancing tonight, I'm sorry.  I hope
no one shows up there anyway.

As for the potluck, we are bringing a mushroom dish and a fruit/nut/pastry
middle eastern travel food that I have dubbed as "donuts" because they
remind me of glazed doughnuts.  Yum!
We have a drink cooler and also ice coolers if needed.

In service,

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