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Pandora Faeri at
Wed Feb 23 14:03:45 PST 2000

> 4) Not to contradict Rae, but I just talked to officials in
> the Parking Office about the parking garage.  I was told that
> ANY parking lot (including the parking garage) was ticketed
> (or cost) until 10:00 p.m.  Any lots after 10:00 are free. 
> You can get a visitor parking pass for free (or it's $1.00.). 
> If you don't have the pass, you get a ticket.

Grumble...goes to show how much help a parking person is. 
Oh well, I assume then that dancing is cancelled for tonight?
I'm going to be far away from the computer until 7 or so, so if
we are having dancing tonight someone call me soon 940-369-5069,
otherwise let's just reschedule for the chem lounge some other
time, if that's ok. 

Do we want or need my chocolate chip cookies for the potluck? I
would like to contribute something and that's about as far as my
abilities or finances run currently. If they are wanted then I'm
going to have to beg to use someone else's oven since the one at
Bruce is busted. :(

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