GL - Re: GL Potluck, childrens activities

Walter J. Wakefield wjwakefield at
Wed Feb 23 20:06:53 PST 2000

Greetings unto the fair canton of Glaslyn from Suzanna the herbalist.  We
are looking forward to your event this weekend.  Agilwulf is thinking
about making a salmon pasta dish for the potluck.  We can bring a 2 1/2
gallon drink cooler/water jug for water or lemonade or whatever, if you
need it.  Let us know.

In regards to children's activities, our 10-year old daughter, Alisha,
will be coming and might be persuaded to help with children's activities
a little.  We can bring a backgammon set and a "Shut the box" game (a
period game Countess Valeria introduced us to) for those that might like
to play.  Alisha likes games and could do this, I think.  Also, I have
taught kids how to make polymer clay (Fimo) beads successfully, and I
could bring the stuff to do this if you like.  The only catch is that I
would need an oven (or toaster oven) for about 30 minutes (250 degrees)
to cook the beads.  If the oven is not useable, I could come up with a
way for the kids to take their beads home. Also would need a table to
work on.   Let me know if you want me to do this.

Suzanna, herbalist, Steppes
214-351-3907  email:wjwakefield at (no attachments)
On Wed, 23 Feb 2000 14:34:30 -0500 (EST) ladylavina
<ladylavina at> writes:
>> On a seperate note, I'm getting questions about children's 
>activities.  I'm got some stuff that the kiddios can do.  So we can 
>have some children's activities.
>>Yes, but do we have a good space for them, and someone to run >them?  
> Children's activities tend to be loud, and they require >adult 
>Here's my thought.  Since we are going to use the parlor, all of the 
>classes can be taught there (except the SCA Drinkables 101 class - in 
>the kitchen; and the beading class - the parlor is already being 
>used).  That leaves the back half of the side where the A&S display 
>will be set up.  We can use the dividers to divide off the A&S display 
>from that area on one side and the other divider to divide off the 
>area by the pillars.  That will give us a nice-size children's area.  
>Since it wasn't announced ahead of time that there will be kids 
>activities, I don't expect that many kiddios to show up.  I thought of 
>having only 2 hours worth of activities - from 1:00 - 3:00.
>I've got some ideas in mind for activities.  And if the kids that I 
>know about that show up are the only ones who do, then they won't 
>require much supervision.
>(Looks like I just volunteered myself to help with the kiddios 
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