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Mon Feb 28 12:16:11 PST 2000

I apologize if this is wrong to send out over the list, but this was sent across our e-mail listing here at UNT (where I work).  I thought it was rather intersting.  For those of you interested in going, I could be persuaded to walk the 2 buildings over and get you tickets...

The University Program Council presents....

MacKeel, a Celtic Rock Band concert
Monday, March 6, 8pm
Lyceum, Union, level 3 
MacKeel's unique individuality combines great songs with traditional tunes and contemporary sensibilities: fiddle, penny whistle and bagpipes with rock guitar, bass, and drums. MacKeel's sound unquestionably exemplifies the future of Celtic influenced rock music. 
Tickets are $2 with UNT I.D. and $4 for general admission. 
Tickets are on sale at the Union Information Center, Union, Level 3.
For more information or special assistance, call 565-3825.
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