GL - Glaslyn's Mini-Tournament(s)

ladylavina ladylavina at
Tue Feb 29 06:59:28 PST 2000

I want to thank everyone who helped with our A&S mini-tournament this past Saturday (I won't mention names, because I'm afraid I will forget someone).  We had a great time and some wonderful classes.

The theme of our competition was "regalia".  After all was said and done, we were able to contribute some 80+ pieces of insigna to Their Royal Majesties.

We will be hosting another A&S mini-tournament in 6 months (an exact date, time and place will be announced later).  The theme of our next mini-tournament will be "Anything Celtic".  There will a children's competition also.

So, once again, get out those A&S materials and (after Gulf War, Elfsea Springfaire and Steppes Warlord) start those Celtic projects.

In service to this dream we live,
Lady Lavina del Bakhaus
Acting A&S Minister,
Canton of Glaslyn
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