GL - Steppes Warlord Brent_Ryder at
Wed Mar 8 10:37:04 PST 2000

Howdy all

At last nights Steppes Business meeting, there was only one bid for Warlord
Event steward

Can anyone guess who the gullible soul was????

Yep, you got it, Yea!!!!! and there was much rejoicing  ;-)

For those who wish to merchant, please contact our merchant co-ordinator:

Elspeth de Forbeys
(Tammy Cox)
johnandtammy at

There is, as usual no feast, but I am working on getting a Breakfast Tavern (the
LongShip Company) and a Lunch and Dinner Tavern (possibly Gilli).

If anyone else is thinking of running a tavern at Warlord, please contact me as
well as the merchant co-ordinator.

HL Borek Vitalievich Volkov, CSM
(Brent Ryder)
5603 Elisa Ln
Parker, TX 75002-6307
brent_ryder at
(972) 593-5875 pager (leave 30 second message or a phone number)

The place is the same as ever - Canton 3rd Monday Trade Days Site
The Time is the same - Memorial day weekend - site opens Friday

I am still working on the gate fee and if we want to take reservations

If you wish to volunteer to help at the event and you know this ahead of time,
please email me and I will notify the appropriate person in charge.

I would like to thank in advance, everyone who comes and helps out at the event.
Without your support, there would be no Warlord.

Until I have more info for everyone

I am in Service to Ansteorra,

Warlord Event Steward

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