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>>I am still working on the gate fee and if we want to take >>reservations
>I travel a lot, and talk to a lot of people from all over the >Kingdom, and 
>one thing that I have heard over and over again is that >they find it 
>offensive that they are charged an extra $5 to go to a >camping event with 
>out a reservation.  They don't mind paying extra >when there is a feast 
>involved; they know that increasing the charge >at the door increases the 
>reservations and that gives the cook a >better idea of how many people to 
>prepare for.  When it is just for >camping, however,  it comes across as 
>the Steppes just looking to >make even more money on what is  probably the 
>most profitable yearly >event in the Kingdom.

Hmmmm..... I have been reading the responses to this and have found all of 
them against having pre-reservation. The way I have thought about it is as 
an encouragement for people to let us know they are coming and allow some of 
the work involved in running gate to be stream lined. If the gate people do 
not have a problem with doing it all at gate, then I do not have a problem 
with no pre-reservation. From what I can tell, there is little interest in 
doing it any way as there are few who do.

The other side of this is to look at it not that we are trying to charge 
more, but to charge less for those who have enough foresight and courtesy to 
make our jobs a little easier to do by allowing us to stream line the gate 
process, and make any extra preparations needed in case there is a larger 
turnout than has been expected. Of course, being one of the 'doers', I am a 
little biased on this point.

>Just passing on the opinions that have been expressed to me.

And that is why I have sent this reply across Ansteorra

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