GL - Fighter Practice

Conor na Mara ack3 at
Wed Mar 22 11:11:12 PST 2000

> So, when's the next archery practice?  Who's our archery marshall?  Does
anyone know?  Does anyone care?  (I feel a song coming on here...).  Anyone
have any clues?  Can we practice (unnofficially, of course) at fighter
> Help someone, please.
> Lavina

I don't know the answers to your questions. However,  I can be of some
assistance. Loch Ruadh has archery practices out at Polydore's house. It's
about a 45 minute drive from lewisville, but if anyone from Glaslyn wanted
to come out, they'd be more than welcome. Also, provided that I have some
notice, I wouldn't mind having people ride out with me.

    At any rate, if you'd like to get in touch with the loch ruadh archery
marshal, his email address is yukon at . If you'd like to contact
me to ride out or whatever, you can email me at ack3 at .


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