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Thu Mar 23 06:41:48 PST 2000

For those of you who were not at war, and have some bardic talents, HRM
Alric issued a bardic challenge.  This challenge was posted on the
Ansteorra list serve.  I am forwarding so everone in the canton will be
aware of the challenge.


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Subject: ANST - Ansteorran Anthem Competition--from TRM

Unto the Bards (and prospective bards) of Ansteorra do TRM Alaric and 
Kayleigh send warmest Greetings!

As was announced in Our court at Gulf War, We are sponsoring an Ansteorran 
patriotic song competition.  The rules for this contest are as follows:

1.  We must receive a written copy of your entry(s).  This can be acomplished 
                through e-mail, snail mail, or just hand the darn thing to Us.

2.  The entry(s) must be performed in a public setting (preferably Court) 
when We     are     in attendance.  The writer of the song need not be the 

3.  Be certain your name and contact info is included with the written copy.

4.  The winning entry will be announced at Coronation.

The rewards of this competion go far beyond the prize We are supplying (a new 
bowl-back mandolin w/ case).  Every song We recieve will be forwarded to the 
College of Bards, where they will be collected, organized, and then 
redistributed.  Not only will the names of those who submit anthems live on 
in Ansteorran history, but you shall be providing the Kingdom itself with an 
extremely valuable service!

There is a togetherness we can only feel when joined in joyous song.  Please 
put your minds and hearts into providing your countymen the ability and means 
to feel this unity.

In Service to Ansteorra's Future,

Alaric     Kayleigh
King        Queen
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