GL - Re: ES - RE: ST - Gulf Wars, kitchen, et. al.

Kellie Hardy khardy at
Wed Sep 6 20:41:34 PDT 2000

Thanks, Borek, for reminding us to be more inclusive.  (Gotta update the old
address book!).  Timothy is right, we shouldn't muck up the DFW Announce list
serve with the discussion.  Everyone, Borek raises a good question about
including the rest of the central region in our plans.  Who wants to weigh in?
I have no real objections either way.....except that, this could get REALLY

P.S.  Love the motto,  Xene!

Brent Ryder wrote:

> ... we can send directly to all of the following:
> steppes at, elfsea at, glaslyn at,
> lindenwood at, blackoakkeep at, loch-ruadh at
> .....
> Did we say this was for just Elfsea and Steppes? or a central regional
> thing?
> central at if it is a regional thing
> Borek
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