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Wed Sep 6 21:37:24 PDT 2000

Greetings Arabella here,
We all must remember to hit REPLY TO ALL each time we send something in for
the discussion so everyone will be included in the discussion.

Catrin said:

Who wants to weigh in?
> I have no real objections either way.....except that, this could get
> BIG.....

Yes it can get Big....... but remember that, "Many Hands Make For Light
Work."   (I love my pelican)

The individual cells responsible for each meal may have to prepare more food
..... but the cost can be divided among more people making it cheaper in the
long run.  Yes your cell  may have to provide food for 100 people and it may
cost $100 for that meal but if five families (I.E. husband + wife = 10
persons for instance) pitch in $20 each  for their portion of the meal that
can be affordable.  Along with the number of people doing the work for that
meal it can get done easier.

I just remember Loch Ruadh last year with the Fried Turkeys......... wow!
I'd like to see that again.  Left over fried turkey sandwiches the next day
at the fields will be great

We'll work out empty ice chests ahead of time for left overs this year.  And
a better way to get ice for all the ice chests.

Any comments? BTW is anybody taking notes on the different issues we're

Life is Good in Elfsea
Great Things Happen in the Steppes
The Central Region is the Heart of the Kingdom

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