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Kellie Hardy khardy at
Wed Sep 6 21:04:18 PDT 2000

Catrin here,
The Steppes does not currently have a chatelaine.  It would be a good
thing to have.  A chatelaine is the perfect choice to be the logistics
chief in this operation.  As for the truck, let's take Mirrim's
guidelines and work this thing out.  I would kinda anticipate that the
two baronies and our satellite groups could fill a truck with group-use
gear for GW (laughs ruefully).  All those New Age authors selling books
about "simplifying your life" would keel over if they ever watched this
game!   :D

Being the old fashioned sort, I would be in favor, down the road a bit,
to form a committee and meet in person to package the ideas that are
being generated in this forum.  For now, this is great!  Anyone else out
there still like to do business face to face?

Feeling old today,

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