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Arabella here:

While Catrin has mentioned a chief logistics person........reminded me......... Sir Pendaran, the Gulf Wars Coordinator, is currently working with the Gulf War staff for the site about our land allocations.  I will be serving him as the Central Regional Land Assistant.  

Now is time to be putting in your vacations time with your jobs and socking away money for spending.  Also they will be accepting pre-reservations in November this year.

THE MORE PEOPLE WHO PRE-REGISTER THE MORE LAND WE'LL GET.  I'll be working very tightly with him to get the Central region enough room for all of us in one place.  I'll send more information as I get it.  

I think a committee is a great idea.......... I'm all for the face to face especially when it gets closer to time, say maybe in January... ideas seem to flow faster in person.  For now I'm happy flowing ideas over the email.  Email can hash out a lot of stuff ahead of time.  

Life is Good in Elfsea
Great Things Happen in the Steppes
The Central Region is the Heart of the Kingdom

  Catrin here, 
  Being the old fashioned sort, I would be in favor, down the road a bit, to form a committee and meet in person to package the ideas that are being generated in this forum.  For now, this is great!  Anyone else out there still like to do business face to face? 
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