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Hi Everyone:

Thought I would pass this along to those of you who are interested.



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Greetings, In November I would like to try once again to have a monthly
cooks meeting again. I am thinking that the third monday of the month
still looks like a good date. Hopefully we will be able to prepare
"Chykens in grauey" this is a wonderfull sweet meat dish involving
chicken sugar, ginger almands and a bit of broth. Along with preparing
and tasting this period dish, we will also discus how to read period
recipies. and to some extent when and how this dish would be served. It
will be decided at the meeting what dish we would like to try at the
next meeting.

My ultimate goal is to have a night once every three or four months
where the cooks guild can prepare a meal and have a "feast night" for
those intrested, and eventualy to have an Elfsea cookbook, full of
period recipies that have been translated and redacted right here in our
home barony.

If there is any one ineterested who can read French or Spanish we can
also translate and try period foods from all over Europe.

At Home in Elfsea

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