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Bob Dewart gilli at
Sun Sep 10 19:43:34 PDT 2000

Greetings and Hi There,

At an archery shoot in the Shire of Middleford much happened this weekend to
the  Kingdom's  IKAC and IKCAC archery scores.  All standings based on
8/20/00 scores posted by the Keeper.  (Unforunately his web site has not
been updated due to his work situation.)

On Saturday Lord Robert of Yorkshire removed HL Gilli's IKAC Period high of
116 and replaced it with his own 182.  This gave the Kingdom a full set of
scores and a 3rd place standing in that division.

HL Roger Bagley shot a 148 in the Period Crossbow Division giving him 9th
place in the Known World.

Lord Talon of Blackoak shot a 96 in the Period Crossbow Division giving  him
an 11th place in the Known World.

On Sunday Lord Talon of Blackoak removed Master Pug's 106 3rd Place IKAC
Open Crossbow score with his own 108.

Lord Talon also improved on his 11th Place position by shooting  a 106 in
the Period Crossbow Division.

That Yorkshire fellow wasn't finished for the weekend.  Lord Robert bested
his 207 IKAC Open score he shot last week with a 208 today.  This gives us a
7th place standing in that Division.

Detailed scores will be on the Archery List tomorrow.

Many thanks for all the help setting up and tearing down.

There's still time to get out there and get some good scores.  It's also a
good time to start getting ready for next season.

Isn't archery a war point at Gulf War?

Archery Marshal at Large

Shoot more arrows, you're bound to hit something.
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