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Greetings onto you, the populace, from Agilwulf the loud;

I am writing to tell you about the greatest event this year (we only tell this to our closest friends and rivals!). Where and when, you ask? The event will be at camp Burnet in South Lake. A map and written directions will be posted later. The site will open Friday; October 6, 2000 at noon and close Sunday; October 8, 2000. Feast will be Saturday and will consist of your most exquisite dishes. Yes, this means it is a potluck feast. So that duplicate dishes are kept to a minimum, please contact HL Suzanna the herbalist at (214) 351-3907 or wjwakefield at The sooner you contact her with your dish wish the better. The gracious Baron and Baroness (their Excellencies Master Fritz der Rothirsch and Catrin Brynmorgan) of the Steppes are providing succulent spiced meats for your dining pleasure.

Activities will include: Melee war practice (including combat archery and siege weapons); classes on melee tactics, the 100 years war and combat archery; Mistress Kalida will be sponsoring an art and science competition. No children's activities have been scheduled at this time. I was told to challenge you, the populace, to suggest other activities (these need to be FUN and/or different) for the members of the populace who don't fight or do art and science activities. 

There will be two low cost (unheated) showers, if you want hot/warm showers bring a solar shower. A method of hanging a solar shower will be provided in the low cost shower. This site IS PRIMITIVE. If you smoke, I ask that you don't throw your cigarette butts on the ground (this is so someone else doesn't have to pick them up later).The main reason I ask is the weather has been very hot and dry making conditions ideal for fires. This is a real danger, so please don't throw burning or hot objects on the ground. Possible burning restrictions may apply and this information will be posted at gate. This site is wheelchair difficult, but not impossible. Security will be tight at this event. There will be waiver forms at gate as well as a sign up list. NO TOKENS OR SITE FEES!!!!! (Shhhhh. this is our big secret). 

We would ask early arrivals (noon-? Friday) to help with a quick pick-up before the event starts and possibly set up.

Still need volunteers for: gate, security, camp heralds, feast help, setup, tear down and clean up. If interested please call (no later than 8:30 PM) at (214) 351-3907 or email me at walterw at Indicate which area or areas you are volunteering for and include a phone number or email address. Thank you.

The Honor is to serve.

Agilwulf the Loud

AKA: Walter Wakefield

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