GL - Child Help

Richard Culver rbculver at
Thu Sep 14 14:57:54 PDT 2000

Wesaþ ge hal!

   Who all is going to Ravens' Fort this weekend and might be willing to 
entertain a four year old for a while at some point in the weekend? If there 
are kids who will be there, that would be nice too.
  If you were at Glaslyn's mini-tourney in August, you may have net or at 
least seen him.

   I am running the discussion on the ILOI for the College of Heralds' 
Asterisk Office as Meredudd's deputy and am not sure if Ric would be a 
distraction or not.

   Look for the blonde kid with two different colored eyes at the Fort, and 
the grown kid next to him should be me.

Cyniric Cyniwarding

P.S.:  I am always willing to trade of child watching as I do really enjoy 

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