GL - Want to host Queen's Champion?

Susan Brockington susanb at
Thu Sep 28 08:33:25 PDT 2000

Greetings Everyone:

I'm at it again.  The Crown is looking for someone to host Queen's 
Champion on Saturday, January 26.  I think this is something our 
Canton can host with very little trouble.

Please read ALL of the details below.  THEN I NEED YOUR IMPUT 
IMMEDIATELY!!!  The deadline for submissions is NOW!  I 
especiallly want to hear from the light fighters in the Canton (that's 
you David!!)

Queen's Champion runs itself. All we have to do is provide the site
and a feast for about 100 people. 

I've found a site. The hall holds 135 people (can't imagine more 
than that showing up), we can have fencing outside. We can bring 
out own food, alcohol is allowed, no smoking in the building (which 
is standard) there's a kitchen, 2 refigerators and a couple of 
coolers. We can hang banners (but we cannot nail them into the 

Cost? A mere $200 with a $200 refundable deposit. 
f we charge $6.00/person including the feast, if 150 people show 
up, that's $900; minus the 40% that goes to crown (for a crown 
event) minus the $200 site fee, we will just about break event, and 
have a little profit. AND if more people show up than expected, 
Kroger is 100 feet away....(he, he, he) 
Place? The fairgrounds in Denton behind Kroger on University 
It's available January 29. 
Sounds pretty easy - not much more work than our fighting mini-

Also, again, we can use our upcoming A&S workshops to make 
banners for our permanent event and all other events that we do. It 
would be nice to have some Canton banners anyway (in my 
unsolicited opinion). Pot-luck feast provided by the members of the 
Canton (no we shouldn't ask everyone who is attending to bring 
food).  Magdelana said she would give us a "easy pot-luck feasts" 
A&S activity in November. 

PLEASE let me know your opinion as soon as possible.  If the 
Canton agrees, we need to get our bid in NOW.


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