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Magdalena magdlena at
Thu Sep 28 09:12:15 PDT 2000

Susan Brockington wrote:

> Greetings Everyone:
> I'm at it again.

You aren't alone.  I saw the announcement and thought Hmmmm.....   ;>    I'm for

> I've found a site. The hall holds 135 people (can't imagine more
> than that showing up),

It depends on who wins crown.  A really popular crown will attract more people,
but you have selected a site that will hold plenty of people, and lots of them
won't stay for feast and court.

> we can have fencing outside. We can bring
> out own food, alcohol is allowed, no smoking in the building (which
> is standard) there's a kitchen,

How big?  Did they say what appliances they've got?  Type of ovens and size?
Professional sink setup?

> 2 refigerators and a couple of
> coolers. We can hang banners (but we cannot nail them into the
> walls).

Which mean we should make banners in October, right?  And maybe banner poles?

> Cost? A mere $200 with a $200 refundable deposit.
> f we charge $6.00/person including the feast, if 150 people show
> up, that's $900;minus the 40% that goes to crown (for a crown

> event)

Crown's portion comes out of the net, not gross, unless I've lost my mind.

Assuming no other expenses (not the case, but...)
900-200= 700
We get 420.

Oh, and I believe we can get the kingdom to front part of the money.

Since I'm greedy, I would suggest raising the site fee to 7$.  It would give us
more money to work with for our permanent event, it is a standard price for
events, and with a feast included it is extremely reasonable.  We also need to
think about letting little kids in free, family rates, etc.  Oh, and who gets in
free.  Usual is Crown, 2 entourage, autocrat, kitchen steward.  Crown is the
important part.  ;>

Does the site have enough bathrooms for 150, or will we need to rent
portapotties?  Do they have a bathroom near our theoretical list field?
Handicapped facilities?

We will need to budget for photocopies, site tokens (if we do them), Black Star
ads (I think, we may get enough free),  and other miscellaneous expenses.  For
instance, does the site provide toilet paper?  Will they bring out more, or is
what we get at the beginning all we get?

> Also, again, we can use our upcoming A&S workshops to make
> banners for our permanent event and all other events that we do. It
> would be nice to have some Canton banners anyway (in my
> unsolicited opinion).

I'm in agreement.  When would you like to schedule a banner-making party?

> Pot-luck feast provided by the members of the
> Canton (no we shouldn't ask everyone who is attending to bring
> food).  Magdelana said she would give us a "easy pot-luck feasts"
> A&S activity in November.

I volunteer to coordinate.

So, we could even manage a themed feast.  In honor of our late period brethren,
we could focus on Elizabethan or Italian Rennaisance food.  I have lots of easy
recipes for either.  (And for those of you who don't cook, we'll need bread and
other things...)

> PLEASE let me know your opinion as soon as possible.  If the
> Canton agrees, we need to get our bid in NOW.

One vote here!!!
-Magdalena  (the never present)

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