GL - Want to host Queen's Champion?

G.R.Rhine grrhine at
Thu Sep 28 10:16:24 PDT 2000

Lavina and I already spoke this morning... 

I agree that we could raise the site fee to $7. In fact, usually with a 
feast included, the fee is not less than $10. There is the possibility 
of doing each separately though... 

I think the banners, for the canton, are a good idea, regardless of 
whether or not we get the bid.

The pot luck idea is a good one. Many hands make light work! I am 
liking the way Magdalena is would be a good idea to 
plan the entire feast, and assign/volunteer for projects. That will 
guarantee we don't duplicate dishes, and that the whole feast 
remains within one period. Also, if there are things which can be 
made in advance, I have a chest freezer, and a whole refrigerator 
which are not currently in use.

I _believe_ we get one free Black Star add, per event. I am not sure 
what extra adds cost.

 Photocopies for invitations aren't a problem... I can handle that. I 
don't know if anyone saw the Defender invitations... but I still have 
most of a ream of the linen paper, and a bunch of linen envelopes 
left.  I am more than happy to donate these, as I did for Elfsea. 
Lord and Lady Elfsea had me send invitations to all the Knights, 
Dons, landed Barons/Baronesses and past Elfsea Defenders. I 
think their total cost was around $40 for postage. Which should 
mean we can get off for much less (depending on who invitations 
go out to).

Site tokens don't have to be a major cost either. The ones we did 
for Kingdom Warlord, several years ago, were just pennies each. 
Depending on what we do, again I have access to some (free) 

Having said that, if we put in a bid, those things do not need to be 
a major concern in the financial aspect. Sounds to me as though 
we can be quite cost effective.

My vote... Put in a bid (we'll have to finish working out the details 
on the financials) and see where it goes from there. Er... that's a 
yes from me.


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