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I am forwarding this from the Steppes list.  Since we are officially 
under the Barony of the Steppes, you may wish to take a look at 

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Time to start updating our information on the Doomsday. Please go 
to and edit your entries. If we can 
this by the end of October I will actually print a paper version of
the doomsday for us. :)

It will be free to all members subscribed to the SteppesLetter and
cost to all others the cost for us to print it. This is the normal
custom, keeps the information private. :)

If you no longer want your information on the Webversion and 
version please contact both me and Armando. If your information is 
listed please contact me for a release form so that we can post 

Chiara Francesca
chiara at

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