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Thu Sep 28 09:52:38 PDT 2000

Gee, you present a tiny little option and look at the response you 

I think that alot of this can be answered by paying a visit to the 
site.  They are open M-F from 9-4 (If I remember correctly).  Maybe 
we should coordinate a date when, those of us who can, go and 
meet with the guy and work these details out.  (Or maybe we could 
have a designated person go....)

Let's see if I can answer some of the questions here. (since I 
wasn't smart enough to thing of these things to begin with):
> How big?  Did they say what appliances they've got?  Type of ovens and
> size? Professional sink setup?

The stove is more for "heating" then totally prepping food.  Didn't 
check on the rest.

> Which mean we should make banners in October, right?  And maybe banner
> poles?

My thoughts exactly!!!

> Oh, and I believe we can get the kingdom to front part of the money.

Yes, if we do this, they take a higher portion of the profits (if I understand 
correctly).  Although we could ask the Barony of Steppes if they 
could loan us the money.

> Since I'm greedy, I would suggest raising the site fee to 7$.
> would give us more money to work with for our permanent event, it is a
> standard price for events, and with a feast included it is extremely
> reasonable.  We also need to think about letting little kids in free,
> family rates, etc.  Oh, and who gets in free.  Usual is Crown, 2
> entourage, autocrat, kitchen steward.  Crown is the important part. 

I'm happy with whatever the Canton agrees on.  If I remember 
correctly, we agreed that at any event we would let the crown and 
Baron and Baroness in free.  I don't think you were at that meeting, 

> Does the site have enough bathrooms for 150, or will we need to rent
> portapotties?  Do they have a bathroom near our theoretical list
> field? Handicapped facilities?

I dunno.  I'll check.

> For instance, does the site provide toilet
> paper?  Will they bring out more, or is what we get at the beginning
> all we get?

Again (scratching my head here). I dunno.

> > Also, again, we can use our upcoming A&S workshops to make
> > banners for our permanent event and all other events that we do. It
> > would be nice to have some Canton banners anyway (in my unsolicited
> > opinion).
> I'm in agreement.  When would you like to schedule a banner-making
> party?

October 8, 15, or 22 is my vote.  the 29 is "okay" but I will be 
scrambling to finish stuff for Laurel's Prize tourney on the 4th of 

> > Pot-luck feast provided by the members of the
> > Canton (no we shouldn't ask everyone who is attending to bring
> > food).  Magdelana said she would give us a "easy pot-luck feasts"
> > A&S activity in November.
> >
> I volunteer to coordinate.

Yippie skippie!

> So, we could even manage a themed feast.  In honor of our late period
> brethren, we could focus on Elizabethan or Italian Rennaisance food. 
> I have lots of easy recipes for either.  (And for those of you who
> don't cook, we'll need bread and other things...)

I agree.

> -Magdalena  (the never present)

And we really miss!!

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