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Fri Sep 29 17:28:42 PDT 2000

Aren't a lot of these things supposed to be decided by our financial
committee?  Can we do that without them actually meeting?
Are we still thinking about Eisteffod (sp?)?  Ulfie would be grateful if we
did - he still hasn't received a bid.    If so, can we really do both?
A stove that only warms sounds problematic for a feast for that many.

I'm not saying we shouldn't, it might be fun.  We just seem to keep running
blindly from one event bid to another - which may be part of the reason we
don't get them.  Perhaps we need a class on how to put forward an event
bid - what's required, how should it look, the amount of time they take,

If we do this, I'm more than willing to help.  I just have enough of "Do you
want to do this?" "Great! It needs to be done by  tomorrow morning" business
at work.   I'd really prefer to have time to actually plan a big undertaking
like this.   Especially since there are so few of us.

So, my vote is:  If everyone else thinks this is wise, then let's do it.
But let's try to plan these things in the future.


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> Greetings Glasynders:
> Let me not point fingers here - although I am going to --
> On the idea of bidding for Queen's Champion, I still need votes from
> the following:
> Llew
> Cyniric
> Sebastian
> Capricia
> Herries
> Renee
> Sherry
> PLEASE GET YOUR VOTES IN TO ME NOW (or as immediately
> as possible).  If we are going to bid on this event, we need to get
> our bid in - yesterday.
> Thanks.
> Lavina
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