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G.R.Rhine grrhine at
Fri Sep 29 18:53:40 PDT 2000

> Aren't a lot of these things supposed to be decided by our financial
> committee?  

In a group this small, committing to do an event requires everyone's 
help. It really makes more sense to ask everyone's opinion, rather 
than just have decisions made by a committee... Come to think of 
it, who exactly makes up our committee? It requires the seneschal,
treasurer, and one other officer... who is that officer? 

> I'm not saying we shouldn't, it might be fun.  We just seem to keep
> running blindly from one event bid to another - which may be part of
> the reason we don't get them.  

While it seems that way, I would like to note that we have not 
actually put in a bid for anything yet. Each of the events we have 
looked at doing has, for one reason or another, been given to 
another group before we could actually make a bid for the event.

> If we do this, I'm more than willing to help.  I just have enough of
> "Do you want to do this?" "Great! It needs to be done by  tomorrow
> morning" business at work.   I'd really prefer to have time to
> actually plan a big undertaking like this.   Especially since there
> are so few of us.

I agree. I know that Kingdom has asked for a bid, for Queen's, from 
each region. I don't know if anyone from the Central Region has put 
in a bid yet. I would like to see Glaslyn get this event, and make 
some money. It would be great to not have to ask Steppes for 
financial assistance when we get ready to do our event. However, I 
don't think the earth will shatter if we don't get (or even put in a bid) 
for this one. I just think it would be an easy, relatively inexpensive, 
and nice event for us to do.

> So, my vote is:  If everyone else thinks this is wise, then let's do
> it. But let's try to plan these things in the future.

The best way for us to plan for the future, would be to start 
watching the lists, and to look at what events are coming up... 
what events are taking bids. That is exactly what Lavina did. Yes, 
they want bids by yesterday. Queen's however, wont be decided 
until after Crown Tournament... I mean, who is going to tell our new 
Queen where she has to have her event? They just want to be able 
to present these bids to Her Highness, as soon as they know who 
she is.

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