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Scot and Michelle Henry henrycs at
Sat Sep 30 20:12:49 PDT 2000

> > Aren't a lot of these things supposed to be decided by our financial
> > committee?
> In a group this small, committing to do an event requires everyone's
> help. It really makes more sense to ask everyone's opinion, rather
> than just have decisions made by a committee... Come to think of
> it, who exactly makes up our committee? It requires the seneschal,
> treasurer, and one other officer... who is that officer?

Lavina is the third signatory on the account and the other member of the
financial committee.

A financial committee's main function should be oversight and budgeting.
While it is true that, in larger groups, the committee plays a bigger role,
it does have a function in smaller groups as well.

This brings me to a point.  The bid for any event should include a budget.
Site/feast fees do not (and probably should not) be determined in this
budget.  A event budget includes more than simply the fees for the site.
Feasts, with some exceptions, should be planned for (and charged for)
separately.  In any event, planning is key.  This includes financial

Doing a kingdom level event could be fun.  It will be a lot of work for
everyone involved, but could be quite rewarding for the canton as a whole.

In service,


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