[Glaslyn] Life in Stargate

Richard Culver rbculver at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 23 16:44:50 PDT 2001

Cyniric hlafard Cyniwarding does send greetings to his friends in Glaslyn
(what the heck-- to my enemies too :Þ)!

   Since it is at this moment still up in there air whether I will be able
to be with you this weekend (thanks to the malevolent finacial aid gods), I
thought I would just give a report on my goings-on down here.

   I started the fall semester yesterday and it looks like it will be a fun
yet challenging semester. Lots of research papers, one per class so far, but
they should not be too horrible to do (just stuff to submit for A&S
contests).  My Old English class is going to be a blast.  I am the only
undergrad in the class and all these years of otherwise useless knowledge
has garnered me a leg up or two in the class.  The Viking Age class is going
to be mostly review but the teacher is nice and receptive to other people's
opinions.  She said, "I hope this class is not going to be too basic to you"
after we talked in her office after class.  She teaches my Flowering of the
Middle Ages class as well (even have to read that annoying "Frog"
literature- :) Yes Wolf I will have my arm fixed up soon).

   Richard started kindergarten and seems to be doing well.  One little
hiccup in the discipline area for play fighting, but otherwise seems to like

   At any rate, I really hope to see everyone Saturday.  I really do.


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