[Glaslyn] Yule Revel -- Potluck!!!

Sunnifa Eiriksdottir ladysunnifa at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 4 12:48:34 PST 2001

Kom heil og sael!

Here is a listing of all dishes people have volunteered to bring for the
Potluck Feast at Lindenwood's Yule Revel. The Revel is on December 8,
2001, from 6pm to 10pm. A further announcement will follow this one,
including directions to the site.

Name			Dish
Suzanna & Agilwulf	Stew
Liadan & James		Breads & Cheese Lasagna
AElfhelm & Aldreda	Green Bean Cassarole & King's Cake (pumpkin cake)
Margarite & Alasdair	(something)
Gerita della Mara	Crab dip w/Crackers & Corn Cassarole
Albrecht		Turkey
Leofwyn atte Gos	Venison/Rice dish
Sunnifa Eiriksdottir	Beef Brisket

We could use more vegetables and desserts, for anyone still considering
what they would like to bring. Recipes need not be in Period. Please let
me know at ladysunnifa at yahoo.com!


PS: So far we will have one microwave and three electric tray warmers.
Be certain to bring your dish, if it requires heat, in a microwave-safe
container, or with it's own electric heat source, such as a crockpot.

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