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This just in from the archery page.  The changes for next year might
interest some of our archers and the parents of our young archers.


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Greetings and Hi There,

This just came in form the Keeper.  I dare say these are the biggest
in target archery we've seen.  More info to came later.

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> Greetings from Lorenzo il Confuso, Keeper of the IKAC
> I have updated the Top Scores page on the web site (
> http://www.detommaso.org/ikac ) with all the scores that I have
> received through today. The IKAC season closed 1 December. I will post
> the final scores after 31 December, in case there are reports that
> haven't been sent in yet. If you know of Marshals that have yet to
> send in scores for IKAC shoots held on or before 1 December, please
> encourage them to send them in as soon as possible. Also, please take
> a moment to review the Top Scores page on the web site to make sure
> that your top score is listed. If not, please send me an email (
> ikac at detommaso.org ) as soon as possible. There will be no corrections
> to the scores after the final report is issued in early January.
> which will cover all activities at Estrella and Gulf Wars. Please help
> me out by telling as many archers as possible. Also, there will be
> several changes in the rules for next year, including:
> - shorter distances for the IKCAC
> - a Children's devision for the IKAC
> - the Period Crossbow division will be scored like the other
> divisions (i.e. the average of the top three archers for each Kingdom,
> as opposed to the top three archers overall winning the division)
> - you will no longer need to be a member to shoot in the
> - overall, the rules will be streamlined and clarified.
> Thank you for your comments and suggestions throughout the year.
> Please keep them coming. I will post the new rules after 31 December
> on the web site and the mailing lists, and they are always available
> by request by emailing me at ikac at detommaso.org. If you have any
> questions, please let me know.
> Finally, thank you for your participation in this year's IKAC/IKCAC. I
> will have final numbers after 31 December, but the number of archers,
> groups and Kingdoms represented was quite astounding. It really shows
> the health and enthusiasm of the SCA archery community.
> In service,
> - Lorenzo
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