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Sun Jun 10 18:52:25 PDT 2001

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Once again Bardic will be held on the second Monday
night of the month. This time it is June 11th. Tomorrow night.
It is held at Lady Bianca's house in Lewisville.
It starts around 7:30 and goes to 10:30 / 11:00pm.
Lady Bianca's house is at 2423 Deer Run. You can take either
I 35 or 121 Business to Lewisville. Turn west on Corporate to Deer Run.(If you
are coming from 35, you will cross 121) Deer Run will be on the left. Bianca's
will be the gray brick house right in front of you.
OR you can go west on Round Grove Rd / FM3040 to Deer Run. It
will be the first right after 121. At the 7-11. Follow it around the
circle to 2423. If you're coming from the South, FM3040 will be first & has
better signs. Take the Hebron exit before (south of) the mall.
If you miss this exit the next one should be Corporate.
Unless I am running late, there will be a dark red minivan out front.
If you need any further directions you can either call Bianca at
972/315-6065 or e-mail me privately.
Come join in, have fun and hear some good songs and stories.
Drummers & other musical folk & dancers are welcome to come play as well.
You don't have to be a good singer to be welcome. If you did I wouldn't get
past the door. (image)
I hope to see you there.
Lady Gabriele Rene' de Bernard

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