[Glaslyn] Heraldic Workshop

Carolle M Cox hpockets at gte.net
Mon Jun 11 15:52:51 PDT 2001

Darn it.  We'll be out of town.  Please keep us on the list and we'll get
there as soon as we can!


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> Kom heil og sael!
> There will be a Heraldic Workshop held on Thursday, June 14 at 7:30 pm
> at my home. Directions may be found at
> http://geekgrrl.geekgrrl.org/sca/map.html or by calling me at
> 972-432-8945. We will be discussing a redesign of the Canton of
> Lindenwood's badge submission, to be presented for approval of the Canton
> of Lindenwood, in addition to working on other devices and names which
> were returned, plus any new submissiions. Please come!
> Lady Sunnifa Eiriksdottir
> Herald, Canton of Lindenwood
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