[Glaslyn] Heraldic Workshop

GeekGrrl geekgrrl at geekgrrl.org
Sun Jun 10 13:02:46 PDT 2001

Kom heil og sael!

There will be a Heraldic Workshop held on Thursday, June 14 at 7:30 pm
at my home. Directions may be found at
http://geekgrrl.geekgrrl.org/sca/map.html or by calling me at
972-432-8945. We will be discussing a redesign of the Canton of
Lindenwood's badge submission, to be presented for approval of the Canton
of Lindenwood, in addition to working on other devices and names which
were returned, plus any new submissiions. Please come!

Lady Sunnifa Eiriksdottir
Herald, Canton of Lindenwood

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