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My Lady,
The actual date of our joint meeting is best left to my betters, however, it
was my understanding that Glaslyn had given only a provisional approval to
our participation in this event, predicated upon a site being chosen and a
final vote at our June 20 meeting.  If i am incorrect, i beg the pardon of
Glaslyn, and request accurate information.  If my information is correct, it
may be best for a meeting to be scheduled following June 20 at some
mutually-acceptable time and place.


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> Greetings unto the populaces of the Canton of Glaslyn and the Canton of
> Lindenwood,
> There has been talk of the cantons doing Kingdom A&S together. Lady Katya
> talked to the Canton of Glaslyn about the prospect. The Canton of
> has discussed this already amongst ourselves, just not with Lady Katya
> We would like for both cantons to get together and discuss this amongst
> ourselves. The question I pose is when would be a good time for both
> to get together?
> 1. Glaslyn's Monday night fighter practice in Denton.
> 2. Lindenwood's Tuesday night fighter practice in Irving.
> 3. Glaslyn's Wednesday night populace meeting on June 20th in Denton.
> 4. Lindenwood's Saturday morning populace meeting on June 23rd before
> Midsummer's Masked Ball
> I think this would be a great opportunity for both cantons and I look
> to hearing your responses.
> In Service,
> Lady Adriana Hambleton
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