[Glaslyn] Kingdom A&S

Afan - Central Regional Seneschal grrhine at swbell.net
Mon Jun 11 11:34:30 PDT 2001


	Let me see if I can clear some things up here.

	Lady Adrianna (Lindenwood's seneschal) has spoken to Wolf
several times, regarding the possibility of Lindenwood and Glaslyn
doing a Kingdom event together. As she made the offer to me as
well, I had mentioned it at our meetings (it may have been before
you started joining us Carolle), but not much came of it. The joint
meeting, with Lindenwood, is to discuss this as a possibility.

	Glaslyn was visited by Steppes A&S Minister, to discuss her
putting in a bid, and the two cantons helping out. This joint meeting
(between the cantons) will take that possible bid into consideration,
but isn't necessarily limited to that prospect. The simple fact is,
regardless of anyone else's bid, we (the two cantons) may still
want to do this.

	Since Lindenwood has made this offer to Glaslyn's seneschal,
to myself, and now to Lady Lavina, it seems right that everyone in
Glaslyn and Lindenwood get together to discuss it as a group.

	I hope this has cleared up any confusion... if not, I'm sure all of
those involved (this far) will be happy to field any questions.


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